Saturday, 19 May 2018

Stamping Down on Waste our campiagn on water and waste

  We are 


We have a couple of items of important news and wanted you to be the first to know as it could affect you and possibly your performances or involvement at the next week’s festival.


We have been encouraged by the recent world-wide wave of determination to reduce plastic waste and in particular the use of single-use water bottles

As you know the supply water to artists when performing is seen by us as a very important element of looking after you whilst at the festival but we feel compelled to do something toward this daft amount of un-necessary plastic that we throwing into the waste system. We currently throw away around 1500-2000 partly used water bottles in to the waste system each festival which is, to be honest, totally bonkers.

So we are asking your help and there are a couple of things you can do with this.

  • 1   Please bring a re-usable water bottle with you!
    You will be able to fill this free of charge in any one of outlets in the high street coffee bars and restaurants, via the water supplies in all the festival venues and our special water point in the park near the Big Top.
  • 2   The other thing is to send the message on to all your folk friends, and others, to what we are doing. Posting or forwarding this on social media would be really helpful.

As you will probably imagine, we have a number of suitable re-useable Chippfolk bottles for sale at our Festival sales. !

The other point on waste concerns changes to our recycling and waste management. We have for several years now been diligently separating our recycling as we only pay for actual non-recyclable material which is charged at around £130 a tonne. The waste company then still has to sort the materials back in their yard in order to ensure all recycled materials are separated correctly. This is sheer madness to be sorting waste several times and we are paying for that to happen. The method opted by the waste company is for us to place all the waste in 2 separate bags, Clear for recycling and Black for waste and just place them into single skips and compounds on the camp sites and on the main site in town. We will have some recycling Pods in the park as usual but our team of “Moles” will be doing the collecting and sorting as usual.

Our request to you from the festival team, is just this.

  • ·         If you are able to take any rubbish, you have generated over the weekend, back home with you and place them into your own recycling and waste bins that will help the festival enormously.
  • ·         Please place clean recycling materials in clear bags and all other waste in black and ask anyone at the cabins or on site if you need more bags.

Thank you and the Planet will thank you too.

If you need to know more please contact us or our partners in the war on waste.

Thank you, the Festival Team

please go to the refill website to get their app. And go to Off the Ground to see where all the sites in Chippenham are to get free water.            

Off the Ground

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Crafts, Traders and Food


The Craft tent at the festival has been a strong point of interest to people both attending the festival and local people too. We always have a huge range of items for you ranging from intricate woodwork to silver-smithery and from wrought iron to delectable Chocolate. See the full list here.

Traders and Food in the Park.

This year sees an explosion of different foods and traders on the park.

All our regulars are there, Sandra with her amazing Crepes, Glen serving fresh Whitby Fish and Chips, The Pizzas are there too alongside the Churro wagon with the lovely Fernando. Our Little Coffee Box and Roy’s Italian Job hot drinks are on site as is the delicious range of Ice Creams.

New this year to the park is Pete & Sue’s new venture with bowls of stew and dumplings, a new smoothies supplier, a vegetarian unit and a Caribbean stall too. Yum!

Alongside these are our regulars doing the boat trips and the National Trust and The Wildlife trusts.

Street Fair As usual we will be holding the annual Festival street fair along the high street. It’s always a bit tight but the atmosphere in the day is just fantastic. 

We are still keeping our food stalls away from the high street so we can support our catering and drink outlets in the town. So if you are looking for that special present of just need a hat or a new outfit, this is the place to be on the Spring Bank Holiday. See who's coming here

Big Top entry explained

There have recently been some queries as to why we have a two ticket structure to these popular events so here is a brief explanation.  

The song and concert venues at Chippenham have always been small in number of seats and until we brought the Big Top in line, for this type of event, the venues were no bigger than 150 people.

So with a tent set up as a concert for more than 500 we felt that it would need to have a bigger act in to fill it. 

This is what we have done the last 4 years and in order to do that we need to find extra funds to cover the cost. 

The simplest way, was to offer up to 200 tickets at £12 and leave all the rest of the seats for the season ticket holders. 

This brings in, or at least we hope, enough additional monies to help pay for the acts and provide a venue twice the size as any other at the festival. So if you see another queue , don’t worry there is a good chance you will get in anyway but unlike them you can still go on to the rest of the evening as well.

Order you Big Top Concert Tickets here.

Other festival ticket options available, including Full Weekend, Day & Evening Tickets.

Family Festival

All year, Cat and Lyndsey, our Family Festival managers has been beavering away dreaming up new dastardly plots on things to do with the young people in the Family Castle.

What they have come up with, is a whole shed load of things to keep our younger folks happy and busy. 

Covering a range of ages there is lots for the youngsters to do, singing, dancing, making stuff, storytelling and more. 

See the Family Festival programme for full details.

Day tickets

This is the one ticket fits all ticket that gives access to the whole festival for one day.*  

Right from 9.30 in the morning till dropping time at midnight and beyond it offers the best value if you don’t want to spend the whole weekend with us. 

Each day there are over 65 events so you should not be short of things to go for (* entry is always space permitting) Day tickets are just  £45.

Buy your day ticket here.

Camp sites

There are two sites for you to be able to stay and these are reserved for our season ticket holders only

We have been looking for a way to allow people t stay just one or two nights but we just do not have the space and volunteers to make it fair and safe for all. 

This year we have Fresco Catering on site 2, offering a range of food items at various times in the day so please do support them as they are also supporting the festival.


There are lots of maps of Chippenham and everyone has their favourite. 

We have chosen Google Maps for our online maps and we have for indicators on the map showing all the venues and site of the festival. There are even tools on their for finding your way here, back home or even walking to a venue. You can even measure just how far you have to walk. Check here for our maps

Parking in Chippenham

Always an issue, there are a couple of things to be aware of. 

One is the Angel Hotel with a new and robust parking camera scheme which unfortunately will catch a few out. Make sure you are able to park there by registering with the hotel reception. 

Also a few of our attendees get caught out each year and get their car locked in to the Emery Gate car park. These close at 8pm and there is a charge for releasing your car.

The best option to find out about parking is to check out 
Parkopedia  or

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The Buttercross Ceilidhs are back and with a vengeance!

Each day the Market square fills with colour, sound and dancing. 

Top bands from around the country have been drafted in with some of the best dance callers to get you up on your feet. 

The market square is really the very best place to be between 12 and 2pm each day of the festival. 

Grab your partners and come and join in. No experience necessary just a good sense of fun.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Newsletter 20/04/2017

Chippenham Folk Festival

Chippenham Folk Festival





Still time to save on tickets!

Hi all, so that you don't miss out on the option of making a £10 saving on your weekend tickets we urge you to get them booked in now as the price goes up from the 1st May.
Not yet bought your tickets, order them today!

Enjoy a weekend away from the General Election!

As we hurtle toward another round of election fever we know that you will want to get some time away from it all. What better way than to come to an election free event.
We want to provide you with a calm, fun and worry free event that will lift your heart and soothe your brow all at the same time.
We can't promise that some of our artists won't talk about politics but we will do what we can to create that little oasis of calm before it all kicks off!


What to do with the Studio Hall?
Since it's been made smaller by the multi-use facilities it's not been the same as our old Concert venue.
So let's give this idea a go!
Each day the venue will be the centre for the Folk Orchestra workshops until 11.30am. From 12.30 the room will be transformed into a speakeasy, café style room with small tables & chairs, your own bar called "Chips Bar", sumptuous decoration and lighting and a range of different things happening in a continuous mode right through till 5.30pm.
At 9pm the room will then become a relaxing easy style concert with just a couple of acts through till around 11pm.
There will be opportunities to sing, play and perform in the continuous events and we hope that it will become one of your favourite venues again.

A new venue.

We have been talking with the new Café/Bistro in town, Grounded, and they are keen to have artists play in their venue. So we have negotiated a small amount of support from them in return for some of our artists to play. They are providing the space and the audience and we will put a few acts in to make it all go wonderfully. Their food is really good and the coffee and drinks are pretty OK too.
Please do drop in and say hello to the team that will be running the venue and give them your support.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Newsletter 14/04/17

Chippenham Folk Festival Friday 26th - Monday 29th May 2017

Happy Easter
(or whatever you are doing this weekend!)

Hi all and a very Happy Easter to you all. We are spending much of it finalising plans and putting together all the exciting things that are happening in this year's festival.
We will be bringing you a news item, each week to update you with some of these and more.
We start with...


We are looking for some really great people to get on board to help us run the festival running up to and on the weekend itself. In the run up we need people that can do physical stuff like set up fencing, move boxes and equipment about and help build and shape the festival. The option of working in the week and having the weekend off with a free pass to the festival is a nice idea but we also need stewards on the weekend too.
However the most pressing need at the moment is traffic management. We need another 6-8 people to put on a high viz jacket on and look after vehicles coming into the site. Give us a call or email in and let's get you on board. Other jobs are also available!

Big Tops

If you have been following the news so far, you will know of some of the concerts in the Big Top. We have a stunning stage set up this year and even more stunning line up. If you have a ticket already then you get access to these great concerts but if you just fancy a dip into the festival without the overall price tag then why not come along to these concerts. A one off concert is for the measly sum of just £12 each.
The Line-up is stellar with Nancy Kerr & James Fagan and Chris Sherburn & Denny Bartley on Saturday, Home Service and Coope Boyes & Simpson on Sunday and Calan and a Welsh themed evening on Monday.
The concerts are early so that they don't break into the Festival's evening entertainment and start at 6.30pm.
Please let everyone you know about these concerts - they will be really, really special!
The Big Top Tickets available on our web site now.

Getting here

There is always something to hamper you and this year it is the Rail works. However we have been reliably informed by British Rail that every effort will be made to ensure you get to Chippenham even if it's by bus for the last few miles.
If you are coming by car why not give another folkie a lift.
We work closely with Liftshare that is easy to do and could save you a load of money (it could even start up a lasting friendship - who knows?).
Go to our web site and click in the Liftshare logo on the front page and follow it through. A few people did this last year and found it a realty great way to get to the festival.
More news in a week
Adult (16+ yrs old)
Full Weekend

from £110.00*
Order Now
Youth (10-15 yrs old)
Full Weekend

from £55.00*
Order Now
Children (0-9 yrs old)
Full Weekend

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* up until 30th April 2017