Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Storming the Castle!

Hey Festival goers!!

I'm Cat and you may have seen me and my team of awesome stewards surrounded by our Knights of the round table in our Castle at this year's knights of the round table themed children's festival. 

We take over a corner of Island park each year with a full festival programme just for the children.

 I can hardly believe that we are fast approaching the end of 2012!  As next year's festival fast approaches, this year's children's festival is taking shape. 

As always we will have workshops and activities from song, dance and story, as well as circus skills and traditional crafts. 

Scrapstore are returning after they wowed us all this year with our very own dragon! Who knows what they will dream up this year!  

A new comer to 2013 is Stiltskin, performance group based in the south west,  you may recognise them from Sidmouth.  As well as running our circus skills workshops they will also be contributing to our story telling sessions,  and you might even spot some interesting characters wandering around the festival, but more about that nearer the time! 

2013 's theme is Myth's and Legends.   So What Myths and legends are your favorites?  what legendary character's should we be inviting into our castle?

I think that's enough details for now! watch this space for more in the coming weeks.  

here is a couple of links

Scrapstore : http://www.wiltsplay.org.uk

New Website

Hi all. Take a look at the new website and check out some of the artists we have. This list is being updated all the time so also check in regularly, Our webmaster clearly has a christmassy thing going already looking at the snow on the pictures :-)
Tickets are already selling well and we would recommend getting in early to save those valuable pounds (20 of them per ticket at the moment.)
Do you have any videos of pictures of Last years festival. We are always on the lookout for unusual pictures. You never know they may even get onto the web page or in the programmes
Contact us or just send them in to publicity@chippfolk.co.uk

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Skate park latest

Chippenham Skatepark latest. We have now been to the public consultation and I can safely say that the evenings presentation from the council was pretty shambolic. The presentation were not very concise with the on screen slides seriously missing the connection with each other. A classic case of one hand not knowing what the other is doing. Some really valid points came out from the meeting and it was agreed by pretty much everyone in the room that the council must get on with providing a skatepark which has shamefully been in the promise bucket for some 12 years!. The biggest sticking point is, of course, that everyone wants it somewhere else. However the majority opinion seemed to be that a section of Monkton park (the bit near the Olympiad) is by far the best place and not the River Island Park.
It would seem that the one thing sort of preventing them is a small number of residents that live on the edge of the park that understandably want i
t anywhere but within earshot of their back garden. It seems to me that the council have to make a very special effort to convince these people that a skatepark can be in view of their property AND be audibly acceptable. They really, really have to get on with it as it is becoming ridiculous.
By far the best speaker in the room last night was, by far, the festival ex director, Dick Stanger, who was clear, concise and full of positive ideas which some others sadly lacked. Well done Dick - I did notice that Councillors were all furtively writing down all he was saying - or was it just noting his name!!
Well done all for the support shown to the festival and it's claim for the few days a year to this ideal site for the festival. Please do not let up. The more the merrier. If you play, have played or are about to play at the festival you have a valid voice to keep this site for a festival that has so much history and so much community spirit. That goes also for anyone who bought a ticket and bought even just a bag of sweets at the local shop. They all add to that enormous benefit for the town.
The next deadline is 7th January when the skateboard group make the next decision of where to go next. We have stated our intent to help them find somewhere
Cheers for now
Watch this space for more updates !

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Chippenham skatepark meeting venue changes

Chippenham skatepark meeting venue changes

Council officials have changed the venue of the public meeting to discuss a skate park for Chippenham as they expect a large number of people to attend.
The meeting, on Monday night , was due to be at Wiltshire Council’s Monkton Park offices but will now be held at Sheldon School from 7pm to 9pm. The school can accommodate about 300 people.
Opinion has been mixed about River Island at Monkton Park, the only site identified by the skate park task group set up by Chippenham Area Board as a possible location.
Organisers of the Chippenham Folk Festival, which uses River Island, says if a skate park is built there it could threaten the festival.
A number of people, including councillors, believe River Island would not be a suitable site and have suggested an indoor site be found.
Councillor Desna Allen, chairman of the skate park task group and of the Area Board, said: “There are a great deal of feelings about the subject and everyone needs to be able to express their views.
"We will present our findings at the meeting and maybe explode some myths. Our brief was to look at sites in Monkton Park and that’s what we did. We will explain the rationale as to why we turned down some sites.
“A public protection officer from Wiltshire Council will talk about skate park equipment and the results of noise assessments.
“There will be an opportunity to ask questions and I would like to stress there has been no decision on River Island. It may be that we are asked to look at other sites. If the whole meeting says absolutely not to River Island we would be foolish to not take notice.
“We want to hear all views. We have a duty to young people to find a location for a skate park.”
A skate park used to be at Monkton Park but was taken down about ten years ago due to noise complaints.
Coun Allen said: “It’s because of that history that we have gone to such extreme lengths to try and get it right.”
Following the public meeting the skate park task group will meet and make a recommendation to the Area Board for its meeting on January 7.

Be there and object !
Sheldon School, Hardenhuish Lane, Chjippenham. 7pm

New Website up and running

There you go. Adam has successfully sorted the website out and it is looking good. We are assuming that if you got this far you saw it as you went past it anyway. Please have a good look over the site and let us know if we have missed something. More to the point why not send us some content, we are always on the lookout for great pictures and new videos so please do send those in to us.

Coming soon!
The new web page design has almost been completed. Our amazing webmaster, Adam, has been working away designing a web site that has much more in the way of functionality, and over the next few months will add lots of content. here is a sneak preview of the site so far

We would be grateful for an new content, links, videos and news to be sent to go onto the site. Please send them to info@wchippfolk.co.uk
Thanks and we'll email you when it up and running.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Skatepark Nightmare. You can help

On the 5th November the Wiltshire Council Chippenham Area Board will meet to study the outcome of it's consultations about placing a Concrete Skatepark slap bang in the middle of the River Island Park.. This is where we site our Big Top tent for the annual festival.
The festival Committees have unanimously agreed that this situation is totally unacceptable and have drafted the following letter in response. You can also add your weight to the campaign but we must ask that you do it now as we do not have long to get our feeling heard. If the proposals get as far as planning stage it may prove to be too late. Please either send an email to the Leader of the council,Jane Scott, or the Area Board Chairman, Desna Allen.  Their email links are here: jane.scott@wiltshire.gov.uk  or  desna.allen@wiltshire.gov.uk or victoria.welsh@wiltshire.gov.uk

If you would prefer please email us at skatepark@chippfolk.co.uk and we will send it on the the appropriate persons at the Council
Here is the letter which we have drafted to be sent to the area board

"An open Letter from The offices of Chippenham Folk Festival:
Folk Festival in Jeopardy
Chippenham Folk Festival supports the provision of a diverse range of recreation and sports facilities in Chippenham, and the Festival has been making a full contribution to these over the last 40 years. However, it is clear from the scant details provided that the Island Park cannot accommodate both the main centre of the Chippenham Folk Festival and a permanent skatepark. The illustrations show that too much of the space would be taken up by concrete; vehicular access which currently is verytight would be impossible and there would be insufficient room for the tents/temporary buildings/participants. If the Island Parkis occupied by a skate park the town risks losing the folk festival in its current form.The Chippenham Folk Festival is a non-profit making and entirely voluntary organisation which holds over 200 events in avariety of venues over four days of the Bank Holiday at the end of May.The festival Friday is almost exclusively for local schools and around 300 children have a day of tuition in song, dance, playing instruments and story-telling. In the afternoon the children have an organised dance in the Island Park. Other festival events start in the park on Friday evening. For the next three days there is a minimum daily throughput of around 5,000 people in theIsland Park. Throughout the festival a large number of free activities take place in the Island Park and in the streets for the enjoyment of the public. The street market run on behalf of the Festival by the Rotary Club of Wiltshire Vale on the BankHoliday Monday, can easily attract in excess of 20,000 people (independent assessment in 2009).The Festival provides a unique attraction which draws people from all over the country and beyond. These visitors stay in the locality and typically will spend money locally on accommodation, fuel, food and drink - for them the Folk Festival weekend ispart of a holiday in which they can visit other local attractions. We can quantify how much money the festival tourists spend inChippenham—around £45 -£50 per person each day.Chippenham Folk Festival has a significant beneficial impact on the local economy because the festival itself spends money locally throughout the year and because of the huge number of visitors it generates on the festival weekend A study in 2010 suggeststhat (with the application of recommended multipliers) the festival currently brings well in excess of £1.5 million into the local economy annually. This money comes exclusively to the Chippenham area and its businesses, because of the festival. The festival currently costs £138,000 to stage, but the festival is mainly self-supporting and meets these costs with little or no money from the public purse. The folk festival has been held in the area since 1972, so in that time has probably provided over £30million for Chippenham with virtually no cost to the residents; indeed many of the local residents participate in, look forward to and enjoy the festival.Many folk festivals are run for profit and they make that profit by being on out-of-town sites. The spending is mostly contained within the site and does not go into the local economy. Chippenham Folk Festival prides itself on being within the town and supporting the town’s economy, cultural heritage and education.The Chippenham Town Council and Chippenham Area Board of Wiltshire Council recently honoured the festival organisers with a Civic Award for both their dedication to the folk festival and for the importance of the folk festival to the town of Chippenham.In terms of aesthetics, Chippenham is extraordinarily blessed to have the countryside coming all the way into the town centre.The outlook from the river’s edge may not be perfect and there are certainly utilitarian buildings close by. However, that should spur the residents of Chippenham to protect and nurture the green space they have and not to treat it as a potential development site.The Festival Organisers have seen a number of skate parks and all have been stark, unattractive concrete structures with no redeeming features and the illustrations of the skate park layout tested for this site indicate that this will be no exception.Placing such a structure in an important and high profile green space a few yards from the main and historic river crossing would be exceptionally crass.Even if the folk festival could co-exist with a skate park, it probably would not want to. The Island Park is the hub of the FolkFestival and one of its major attractions; for many people it is the vital green space within this beautiful market town which canbe quietly enjoyed as part of the festival ambience.There is apparently a questionnaire in circulation asking for approval of the site but not giving the full information on which the citizens of Chippenham can make a judgement. Without giving the full facts and possible implications the result of the questionnaire is likely to be misleading. Those who want a skate park regardless of the location will certainly vote ‘Yes’; those who don’t have the full facts will be unlikely to vote.

Please contact the festival organisers for further information about the festival and it’s position regarding the Skatepark proposals by email info@chippfolk.co.uk or telephone 01249 657190 or 07526444784

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Skate Board site on Island park ????

Here is a section of the latest from Wiltshire Council Chippenham Area Board.

Site proposed for Skatepark in Chippenham
   The Chippenham Skatepark Task Group has identified a potential site for a concrete construction Skate Park in Chippenham on “River Island”. River Island is the area of Monkton Park between the river and Wilkinsons. The Task Group has taken into consideration advice from professional Skatepark designers and noise impact assessments carried out by an independent consultant. It is important to note that the installation of a Skatepark need not prevent other events and activities taking place on River Island. A concrete Skate bowl can be designed in such a way that the space could continue to accommodate other events and activities e.g. temporary flooring, staging or seating could be placed over it. Read more We would like to know whether you support the River Island site. Please get in touch either by post in reply to the article in the Talk of the Town Newsletter or via the on line survey  Please tell us what you think !
Go to this link to find out more:  http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/search.htm?output=xml_no_dtd&client=WiltshireCouncil_2011_Frame&proxystylesheet=WiltshireCouncil_2011_Frame&site=WiltshireCouncil_2011&q=chippenham+skate+park

We are, of course, looking into this and will come back with our findings and probably quite soon!
Special Civic Award for Bob Berry
 Chippenham Area Board and Chippenham Town Council have jointly awarded Bob Berry with a Special Award for exceptional service to the community. Bob is the organiser of Chippenham Folk Festival and he said: “It was a lovely day, and a very humbling experience. “My wife Gill was also given a huge bouquet of flowers as she does so much for the folk festival. It means a lot to have received some recognition for the festival – not just for me, but for everyone who gives their time. It’s really appreciated in particular to have this joint award.” Mr Berry’s award was presented by the Chairman of Chippenham Area Board Desna Allen, as part of Civic Sunday.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Big Top Concerts

Here are posters for the big top concerts
If you want an original sent so you can put it up somewhere please send us an email and we'll do just that.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The English Music Session Moves to the Bear

With the rose & Crown barn now being used for a restaurant we needed to move the ever popular English Music Session to a venue that was large enough to take all the  players. So the Bear Hotel has come up trumps and Simon, the Landlord is welcoming the session with open arms. This is just great news as it provides another important link to the top of the town.
the host for all the sessions this year will be Dave Field. Many people have asked for the session to be run by someone "who really knows how to run a proper session" so Dave was put forward as the best man for the job and got it. Thanks Dave

7Champions dancing outside the Rose & Crown 2011
The Rosie will still have the ever popular morris dancing all day and Valmai's slow and easy music sessions in the morning.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

... and here's the second one - the programme

We know you all want to know what's on at the festival so we are doing our very best to get the final programme up together. With over 200 individual events in just one weekend this is a monumental task to pull it all together for a few violunteers. However to whet your appetite here is a picture of what the front cover will look like. It's another Bob Berry design and this year incorporates a picture of the new venue, Yelde Hall, Brass Monkey, a selection of social dancers doing what they do best, enjoying themselves, and a cheeky little crowned jester who think it's his jubilee weekend!
Hopefully we will have the programme all up and running by next weekend. so either keep an eye on the website or better still, send us your email address and we will let you know when its ready

2 posts today (missed Monday!)

Big Top Concerts
We are presenting 3 major concerts in our Big Top venue this year. First up is Mick Ryans latest show "A Paupers Path to Hope". This was commissioned by The Gate to Southwell last year and was hugely welcomed and received by all. At Chippenham the show will have some of the acclaimed Thoresby Colliery band to add some great music to an already skilled cast. Check out more information about this on our website.

Sunday evening we present " A Convivial Commotion" 3 Choirs in Harmony. Lingmara World Music Choir, The Andover Museum Loft Singers and The Magnificent AK47's are working together to provide a programme of songs that will, to be honest, astound you. This is an exciting concert you will not want to miss.

Finally on the Monday evening we have "Brass Monkey" celebration 30 years singing and playing together. The band will have 2 trumpet players which makes it a six piece. Glorious, inspirational and gutsy music. Looking forward to that!
All concerts are from 6.30 - 8.30 in the Big Top on Island Park. There will be limited tickets available for sale for these events soon. keep an eye on  http://www.chippfolk.co.uk/ for more details

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Yelde Hall - A new venue

This year sees a few changes (as always) and will include using the Yelde Hall as a small venue. This wonderful old building has, for many years, been the site for the Tourist Information Centre. This has now moved in next door to the Town Hall, a far better site, and that leaves the Yelde Hall free.
So, we will be using it for small concerts, meet the bands, discussions and workshops.
look out for the venue in your programme which will be online as soon as we can get it there
The Yelde hall is a very historic building and is now managed by the wonderful Chippenham Museum.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

A new Penguin at Chippenham

Great News. The new Penguin Book of English Folk Songs has been updated and is going to be brought to the Festival for a pre-launch event. This is a major coup and we are delighted to hear that Steve Roud, the editor of the aforementioned,  will be in attendance at the event along with Martin & Sian Graebe who will sing some of the songs contained in the new book. The official Launch is in London at Cecil Sharp House on the 12 June but you can get hold of your copy by dropping in to the Yelde Hall, Chippenham Folk festival on June 2nd. Whoo Hoo - a new penguin. Brilliant

'The trees they grow so high and the leaves they grow so green.
The day is past and gone, my love, that you and I have seen'

One of the great English popular art forms, the folk song can be painful, satirical, erotic, dramatic, rueful or funny.They have thrived when sung on a whim to a handful of friends in a pub; they have bewitched generations of English composers who have set them for everything from solo violin to full orchestra; they are sung in concerts, festivals, weddings, funerals and with nobody to hear but the singer.

This magical new collection brings together all the classic folk songs as well as many lesser-known discoveries, complete with music and annotations on their original sources and meaning. Published in cooperation with the English Folk Dance and Song Society, it is a worthy successor to Ralph Vaughan Williams and A.L.Lloyd's original Penguin Book of English Folk Songs, first published in 1959.

Friday, 4 May 2012


OK , Hands up those that noticed that the daily blog was started one month ago and has only one post in it! However we'll have another go with a barrage of stuff for you over the coming days and weeks running up to the festival.
First up is the news that the festival was massively represented at the recent Queens Jubilee event in Salisbury Cathedral ground on May 1st. Literally thousands of people got to see traditional music, Morris, mumming and a slice of our English heritage that we love so much,.
Hopefully this will turn itself into ticket sales , not only for the festival, but to other folk events round wiltshire too. here are a couple of pictures of the event.

A view of the inside of our display tent
and Bob with a bevy of beauties.  Yes sir!
Pictured with Bob are Melissa Barnett (Chippenham Museum), Sue Wilthew (Chief Exec Chippenham Council) Gill Berry (The Real Boss) and Vickty Welsh (Chippenham Community Area Manager)

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Chippfolk Daily Blog. The Aquelidh

Hi All. So what can you do at Chippenham in your trunks? The Aqeilidh of course. What's that I hear some of you say? Well it is simply the best fun as the dance is in the Olympiad Swimmimg Pool. First thought up by Dick Stanger many years ago and copied many times since it is both a challenge and great fun all at the same time. The dance moves are just the same but much, much slower. This of course proves a bit difficult for the band as well, but the veteran Aquelidh band Perfect Cure has now got a handle on it. New this year is our caller in the shape of the lovely Hannah Bright. There are two sittings or "swimmings" we suppose we should call them, one for the children and the other for the old kids and tghey are on the early evening of the Sunday. The event is for full season ticket holders and is restricted to 150 maximum per "swim"
So ( and here comes the puns) if you splash out for a ticket make sure you pack your cozzie and have a whale of a time at the pool dance! More information will be available in the souvenir programme which we will tell you more about in the next few days. See pictures for a snapshp of last years event

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Major Choir concert on the Sunday in the Big Top
We have asked 3 choirs to perform in the Big Top Tet on Island Park on the Sunday 3rd June as part of our Big Top Concert series. The Andover Loft Singers, Lingmara Chippenham Community Choir and The AK47's will be performing in this wonderful new concert and hopefully we can encourage them all to sing at least one song together at the end.
In addition to Season Ticket Holders there will be 100 iindividual event tickets available for this event priced at £10 These will be available from 1st May from the new Chippenham Community & Visitor Information Centre  next to the town hall. Call 01249 6645970 to arrange tickets.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Things you need to know about Chippenham Folk Fest

Hi all. Here is the first of the April daily blog of interesting things you may not know about Chippenham Folk festival 2012.
As of today you only have 29 days to save yourself £13 per season ticket!
Tickets are available via the website www.chippfolk.co.uk or you can call the new Chippenham Community information and tourism centre on 01249 665970(during working hours and Saturday mornings).
Alternatively we can always post you a booking form or even email one to you.
We have a great festival lined up this year and we don't want you to miss it.
Please check this blog daily for more news as it gets posted.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Brasss Monkey - and now they are SIX !

This from the news desk of Brass Monkey

"We've worked out that it's thirty years since the five of us first appeared under the name "Brass Monkey". Before that, there was a duo with Messrs Carthy & Kirkpatrick ranging around for a couple of years, which grew into a trio with trumpeter Howard Evans, which gradually grew into a quintet with Martin Brinsford and Roger Williams. For a while there would be a random selection of threes, fours, and fives from gig to gig, but once we'd hit on our glorious title, "Brass Monkey" always meant all five of us.
After the sad death of Howard Evans in 2006, we weren't sure whether we could carry on or not. We did a small number of forays as a four-piece, but quickly realised that this way madness lies. So in 2009, Roger's old pal Paul Archibald came in with his glorious trumpet playing to bring us back up to our full complement, and the world was our lobster.
When Paul's many commitments ( take a deep breath and look up his dazzling web-site - we are not worthy.....) caused an occasional absence, he sent along a former student of his - Shane Brennan. We all thought this would be a ghastly idea, until we saw how brilliantly and effortlessly Shane did the business.
And then there were 6!

Shane was the sole trumpeter at our appearance at Cheltenham Folk Festival on February 12th, but for our April tour, and the festivals we're doing during the summer, both Paul and Shane will be on stage to make Brass Monkey a six-piece band. There can be surely no better way to celebrate this milestone in the band's history. We'll be tickling up a few old hits, as well as re-vamping some of the current repertoire. Our approach might not be everybody's cup of tea, but at least it will be loud!"


Monday, 27 February 2012

The Managers have met!

Great meeting yesterday at the Cause Music & Arts centre.
Once a year all the managers get together to mull over the current situation regarding the next festival and throw ideas, problems and successes into the hat and stir it round a bit. We have all agreed that the next festival will be a real cracker.
We welcomed new managers Andy Stafford to run the Ceilidhs, Chris Riley to organise the Stewards, Cat Murphy will be running the Childrens festival and Mike Farrington with Morris and Displays. These lovely people are all know to us and have been involved with the festival for some time but have stepped up to the line to assist in the organisation. They have already come up with some great ideas, artists and we feel refreshed again to produce another fab festival. Check out the website for more details of artists and to buy tickets.
Whilst you are there why not join our mailing list or follow us on facebook or twitter.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Young persons views of the Festival

This from a couple of happy young customers:

Katie (12) " ... Poi was awesome and the kids area is jam packed with fun things for us to do! ... "

Murren (11)   " ... It's really friendly and has a really nice atmosphere. the staff are kind and help you out, lots of children had fun and loved all the activities like Maypole and workshops. I especially liked the crafty workshops! :-) ... "

Thats great.
Any other comments gratefully received

Chippfolk at Queens Jousting event

The Queen may get to visit the folk Festivals stand on May 1st.
Wiltshire Council has set up a huge days event to celebrate the Queens Jubilee, with presentations from all the county's 18 Area Boards at a jousting event in The Cathedral Close, Salisbury.
Each Area board will be in a jousting tent and they will all be proudly showing off their areas best. which in Chippenham's case it includes the Museum and Folk Festival.
Bob Berry, Festival Organiser will be at the event, appropriately dressed in a medieval outfit (not the tights!) along with Councillor Desna Allen, Vicky Welsh, Chippenham Community Area Manager and Mellisa Barnett, Chippenham Museum Curator. There will be displays covering all areas of Heritage, tradition and area culture within the tent which will be appropriately dressed out for the occasion. The event will also have strolling players, musicians and medieval jousting. The day conclude with evensong in the Salisbury Cathedral. It would be really great for as many people to come along and support it. More info on this as we get it.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Tickets still at last years early price. Book now

We still have tickets at last year's early price available. At GBP 70.00 they are probably the best value tickets you will buy for a festival this season. You can now but using credit and debit cards either through our PayPal system or at just GBP 5.00 booking fee via the new Chippenham community and visitor centre. You can call them on 01249 460776. The cheapest way though is by our booking form and cheque payment as there I'd still no charge for cheques. Call us soon and we will do what we can to help. The prices change on the 29th Feb. The festival team

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A World of Tradition

Transport yourself into a world of tradition with our latest line up.
The amazing multi-instrumental, punchy, mega band, Brass Monkey are amongst some of finest artists headlining our festival over the late Spring Bank Holiday this year. Celebrating their 35 years of performing, we can guarantee an exciting performance from this extraordinary  group.
Martin Carthy, John Kirkpatrick, Martin Brinsford, Roger Williams and Paul Archibald are playing for just one concert in our Big Top Tent on the Monday early evening, Event tickets will also be available for this event during May.

Mellifluous is certainly what you could associate with Coope, Boyes and Simpson but what you get with the beautifully smooth singing is real punch with the songs content. Jim, Barry and Lester are masters of extraordinary songs which have been known to bring audiences to tears of joy whilst ripping your heart out in a moment. Their musicallity is second to none and you can see them at the festival on the Sunday.

Talking of musicality, lets talk about Mick Ryan.
Mick has been at the centre of many fine folk theatre productions including "Tolpuddle", "A Days Work", "The Voyage", "The Navvies Wife" and now, his latest blockbuster, "The Pauper's Path to Hope".
Mick has gathered together some of the finest from the folk world - Maggie Boyle, Paul Downes, Judy Dunlop, Roy Clinging, Heather Bradford and Phoebe Kirrage. Members of the wonderful Thoresby Colliery Brass Band complete the line up. A superb show, riding along to much critical acclaim, will be in our Big Top tent on the early Saturday Evening. Event tickets for this show will be available in May.