Monday, 27 February 2012

The Managers have met!

Great meeting yesterday at the Cause Music & Arts centre.
Once a year all the managers get together to mull over the current situation regarding the next festival and throw ideas, problems and successes into the hat and stir it round a bit. We have all agreed that the next festival will be a real cracker.
We welcomed new managers Andy Stafford to run the Ceilidhs, Chris Riley to organise the Stewards, Cat Murphy will be running the Childrens festival and Mike Farrington with Morris and Displays. These lovely people are all know to us and have been involved with the festival for some time but have stepped up to the line to assist in the organisation. They have already come up with some great ideas, artists and we feel refreshed again to produce another fab festival. Check out the website for more details of artists and to buy tickets.
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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Young persons views of the Festival

This from a couple of happy young customers:

Katie (12) " ... Poi was awesome and the kids area is jam packed with fun things for us to do! ... "

Murren (11)   " ... It's really friendly and has a really nice atmosphere. the staff are kind and help you out, lots of children had fun and loved all the activities like Maypole and workshops. I especially liked the crafty workshops! :-) ... "

Thats great.
Any other comments gratefully received

Chippfolk at Queens Jousting event

The Queen may get to visit the folk Festivals stand on May 1st.
Wiltshire Council has set up a huge days event to celebrate the Queens Jubilee, with presentations from all the county's 18 Area Boards at a jousting event in The Cathedral Close, Salisbury.
Each Area board will be in a jousting tent and they will all be proudly showing off their areas best. which in Chippenham's case it includes the Museum and Folk Festival.
Bob Berry, Festival Organiser will be at the event, appropriately dressed in a medieval outfit (not the tights!) along with Councillor Desna Allen, Vicky Welsh, Chippenham Community Area Manager and Mellisa Barnett, Chippenham Museum Curator. There will be displays covering all areas of Heritage, tradition and area culture within the tent which will be appropriately dressed out for the occasion. The event will also have strolling players, musicians and medieval jousting. The day conclude with evensong in the Salisbury Cathedral. It would be really great for as many people to come along and support it. More info on this as we get it.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Tickets still at last years early price. Book now

We still have tickets at last year's early price available. At GBP 70.00 they are probably the best value tickets you will buy for a festival this season. You can now but using credit and debit cards either through our PayPal system or at just GBP 5.00 booking fee via the new Chippenham community and visitor centre. You can call them on 01249 460776. The cheapest way though is by our booking form and cheque payment as there I'd still no charge for cheques. Call us soon and we will do what we can to help. The prices change on the 29th Feb. The festival team

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A World of Tradition

Transport yourself into a world of tradition with our latest line up.
The amazing multi-instrumental, punchy, mega band, Brass Monkey are amongst some of finest artists headlining our festival over the late Spring Bank Holiday this year. Celebrating their 35 years of performing, we can guarantee an exciting performance from this extraordinary  group.
Martin Carthy, John Kirkpatrick, Martin Brinsford, Roger Williams and Paul Archibald are playing for just one concert in our Big Top Tent on the Monday early evening, Event tickets will also be available for this event during May.

Mellifluous is certainly what you could associate with Coope, Boyes and Simpson but what you get with the beautifully smooth singing is real punch with the songs content. Jim, Barry and Lester are masters of extraordinary songs which have been known to bring audiences to tears of joy whilst ripping your heart out in a moment. Their musicallity is second to none and you can see them at the festival on the Sunday.

Talking of musicality, lets talk about Mick Ryan.
Mick has been at the centre of many fine folk theatre productions including "Tolpuddle", "A Days Work", "The Voyage", "The Navvies Wife" and now, his latest blockbuster, "The Pauper's Path to Hope".
Mick has gathered together some of the finest from the folk world - Maggie Boyle, Paul Downes, Judy Dunlop, Roy Clinging, Heather Bradford and Phoebe Kirrage. Members of the wonderful Thoresby Colliery Brass Band complete the line up. A superb show, riding along to much critical acclaim, will be in our Big Top tent on the early Saturday Evening. Event tickets for this show will be available in May.