Saturday, 25 February 2012

Chippfolk at Queens Jousting event

The Queen may get to visit the folk Festivals stand on May 1st.
Wiltshire Council has set up a huge days event to celebrate the Queens Jubilee, with presentations from all the county's 18 Area Boards at a jousting event in The Cathedral Close, Salisbury.
Each Area board will be in a jousting tent and they will all be proudly showing off their areas best. which in Chippenham's case it includes the Museum and Folk Festival.
Bob Berry, Festival Organiser will be at the event, appropriately dressed in a medieval outfit (not the tights!) along with Councillor Desna Allen, Vicky Welsh, Chippenham Community Area Manager and Mellisa Barnett, Chippenham Museum Curator. There will be displays covering all areas of Heritage, tradition and area culture within the tent which will be appropriately dressed out for the occasion. The event will also have strolling players, musicians and medieval jousting. The day conclude with evensong in the Salisbury Cathedral. It would be really great for as many people to come along and support it. More info on this as we get it.

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