Monday, 27 February 2012

The Managers have met!

Great meeting yesterday at the Cause Music & Arts centre.
Once a year all the managers get together to mull over the current situation regarding the next festival and throw ideas, problems and successes into the hat and stir it round a bit. We have all agreed that the next festival will be a real cracker.
We welcomed new managers Andy Stafford to run the Ceilidhs, Chris Riley to organise the Stewards, Cat Murphy will be running the Childrens festival and Mike Farrington with Morris and Displays. These lovely people are all know to us and have been involved with the festival for some time but have stepped up to the line to assist in the organisation. They have already come up with some great ideas, artists and we feel refreshed again to produce another fab festival. Check out the website for more details of artists and to buy tickets.
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