Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Chippfolk Daily Blog. The Aquelidh

Hi All. So what can you do at Chippenham in your trunks? The Aqeilidh of course. What's that I hear some of you say? Well it is simply the best fun as the dance is in the Olympiad Swimmimg Pool. First thought up by Dick Stanger many years ago and copied many times since it is both a challenge and great fun all at the same time. The dance moves are just the same but much, much slower. This of course proves a bit difficult for the band as well, but the veteran Aquelidh band Perfect Cure has now got a handle on it. New this year is our caller in the shape of the lovely Hannah Bright. There are two sittings or "swimmings" we suppose we should call them, one for the children and the other for the old kids and tghey are on the early evening of the Sunday. The event is for full season ticket holders and is restricted to 150 maximum per "swim"
So ( and here comes the puns) if you splash out for a ticket make sure you pack your cozzie and have a whale of a time at the pool dance! More information will be available in the souvenir programme which we will tell you more about in the next few days. See pictures for a snapshp of last years event

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