Saturday, 5 May 2012

A new Penguin at Chippenham

Great News. The new Penguin Book of English Folk Songs has been updated and is going to be brought to the Festival for a pre-launch event. This is a major coup and we are delighted to hear that Steve Roud, the editor of the aforementioned,  will be in attendance at the event along with Martin & Sian Graebe who will sing some of the songs contained in the new book. The official Launch is in London at Cecil Sharp House on the 12 June but you can get hold of your copy by dropping in to the Yelde Hall, Chippenham Folk festival on June 2nd. Whoo Hoo - a new penguin. Brilliant

'The trees they grow so high and the leaves they grow so green.
The day is past and gone, my love, that you and I have seen'

One of the great English popular art forms, the folk song can be painful, satirical, erotic, dramatic, rueful or funny.They have thrived when sung on a whim to a handful of friends in a pub; they have bewitched generations of English composers who have set them for everything from solo violin to full orchestra; they are sung in concerts, festivals, weddings, funerals and with nobody to hear but the singer.

This magical new collection brings together all the classic folk songs as well as many lesser-known discoveries, complete with music and annotations on their original sources and meaning. Published in cooperation with the English Folk Dance and Song Society, it is a worthy successor to Ralph Vaughan Williams and A.L.Lloyd's original Penguin Book of English Folk Songs, first published in 1959.

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