Saturday, 6 October 2012

Skate Board site on Island park ????

Here is a section of the latest from Wiltshire Council Chippenham Area Board.

Site proposed for Skatepark in Chippenham
   The Chippenham Skatepark Task Group has identified a potential site for a concrete construction Skate Park in Chippenham on “River Island”. River Island is the area of Monkton Park between the river and Wilkinsons. The Task Group has taken into consideration advice from professional Skatepark designers and noise impact assessments carried out by an independent consultant. It is important to note that the installation of a Skatepark need not prevent other events and activities taking place on River Island. A concrete Skate bowl can be designed in such a way that the space could continue to accommodate other events and activities e.g. temporary flooring, staging or seating could be placed over it. Read more We would like to know whether you support the River Island site. Please get in touch either by post in reply to the article in the Talk of the Town Newsletter or via the on line survey  Please tell us what you think !
Go to this link to find out more:

We are, of course, looking into this and will come back with our findings and probably quite soon!

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