Sunday, 25 November 2012

Chippenham skatepark meeting venue changes

Chippenham skatepark meeting venue changes

Council officials have changed the venue of the public meeting to discuss a skate park for Chippenham as they expect a large number of people to attend.
The meeting, on Monday night , was due to be at Wiltshire Council’s Monkton Park offices but will now be held at Sheldon School from 7pm to 9pm. The school can accommodate about 300 people.
Opinion has been mixed about River Island at Monkton Park, the only site identified by the skate park task group set up by Chippenham Area Board as a possible location.
Organisers of the Chippenham Folk Festival, which uses River Island, says if a skate park is built there it could threaten the festival.
A number of people, including councillors, believe River Island would not be a suitable site and have suggested an indoor site be found.
Councillor Desna Allen, chairman of the skate park task group and of the Area Board, said: “There are a great deal of feelings about the subject and everyone needs to be able to express their views.
"We will present our findings at the meeting and maybe explode some myths. Our brief was to look at sites in Monkton Park and that’s what we did. We will explain the rationale as to why we turned down some sites.
“A public protection officer from Wiltshire Council will talk about skate park equipment and the results of noise assessments.
“There will be an opportunity to ask questions and I would like to stress there has been no decision on River Island. It may be that we are asked to look at other sites. If the whole meeting says absolutely not to River Island we would be foolish to not take notice.
“We want to hear all views. We have a duty to young people to find a location for a skate park.”
A skate park used to be at Monkton Park but was taken down about ten years ago due to noise complaints.
Coun Allen said: “It’s because of that history that we have gone to such extreme lengths to try and get it right.”
Following the public meeting the skate park task group will meet and make a recommendation to the Area Board for its meeting on January 7.

Be there and object !
Sheldon School, Hardenhuish Lane, Chjippenham. 7pm

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