Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Skate park latest

Chippenham Skatepark latest. We have now been to the public consultation and I can safely say that the evenings presentation from the council was pretty shambolic. The presentation were not very concise with the on screen slides seriously missing the connection with each other. A classic case of one hand not knowing what the other is doing. Some really valid points came out from the meeting and it was agreed by pretty much everyone in the room that the council must get on with providing a skatepark which has shamefully been in the promise bucket for some 12 years!. The biggest sticking point is, of course, that everyone wants it somewhere else. However the majority opinion seemed to be that a section of Monkton park (the bit near the Olympiad) is by far the best place and not the River Island Park.
It would seem that the one thing sort of preventing them is a small number of residents that live on the edge of the park that understandably want i
t anywhere but within earshot of their back garden. It seems to me that the council have to make a very special effort to convince these people that a skatepark can be in view of their property AND be audibly acceptable. They really, really have to get on with it as it is becoming ridiculous.
By far the best speaker in the room last night was, by far, the festival ex director, Dick Stanger, who was clear, concise and full of positive ideas which some others sadly lacked. Well done Dick - I did notice that Councillors were all furtively writing down all he was saying - or was it just noting his name!!
Well done all for the support shown to the festival and it's claim for the few days a year to this ideal site for the festival. Please do not let up. The more the merrier. If you play, have played or are about to play at the festival you have a valid voice to keep this site for a festival that has so much history and so much community spirit. That goes also for anyone who bought a ticket and bought even just a bag of sweets at the local shop. They all add to that enormous benefit for the town.
The next deadline is 7th January when the skateboard group make the next decision of where to go next. We have stated our intent to help them find somewhere
Cheers for now
Watch this space for more updates !

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