Thursday, 3 January 2013

Some concerts for this year!

There are some really exciting events at Chippenham for this year. Now we are sure that we are OK after the Skate park fiasco ( for this year at least ) here are some of the exciting events booked in for this year.

The Big Top concerts

Magpie Lane

On the Sunday evening (6.30pm - 8.30pm ) we are presenting "OXFORD ON FIRE!" with MAGPIE LANE. The band has been performing together for 20 years and , in this celebration of their music and songs, you will find many of your favourites. The band represents everything we do at Chippenham and have performed at the festival several times. More details about the concert later.


Looking toward Uffington  and John & Luke
On Monday we are hugely proud to be the only Folk festival on the itinerary for a grand new musical project from the Gael Music stable, DROVERS TRACKS by Luke Daniels and John Dipper
The many drove roads or tracks set deeply into the Wiltshire, West Berks and
Oxfordshire countryside represent historical and cultural exchange between urban and
rural, rich and poor, literate and aural traditions. Luke Daniels (melodeon) and John
Dipper (fiddle) are joined by musicians from Ireland, Wales and England to create
12 new contemporary folk songs with composer Anna Rice, that explore drovers and
droving linked by a theme and narrative of the last ever large-scale cattle drove across
England in 1870.

The exact ages of most routes are unknown but what is certain is that they link
modern-day rural communities, both directly and to a unique shared past. What kind
of relationships did they forge with local communities, generations of whom supported
them along their journey? Do evidence of such links still exist today? And what of the
final drovers who witnessed the introduction of the railways and the coming of an age
that would ultimately put an end to their unique way of life?

Since much of the livestock driven along these routes originated in Ireland, Gael
Music commissioned Dublin based Anna Rice to compose a suite of new folk songs.
Performers Ceri Rhys Matthews (Pibgorn & Flute), Ceri Owen Jones (Welsh Single
Harp), Matheu Watson from the Scottish Highlands on guitar and fiddle and members of
Southern Sinfonia make up an outstanding ensemble cast, all of whom have personal
links to the route and the traditional music that serves as the starting point for this
exciting new work.

Entry to all the Big Top concerts are by either Full Festival Season Tickets or individual tickets priced at £12. (No concessions -sorry)
Full details of these Concerts and how to get to see them will be announced in the next few weeks

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