Friday, 25 April 2014

Tickled Pink's Silver anniversary - some wedding!
The Ceilidh Event to end them all!

On Sunday 25th May at Chippenham Folk Festival we will be hosting Tickled Pink’s 25th Birthday Ceilidh. Yes, their first gig was here 25 years ago in the Neeld Hall.

To celebrate this momentous occasion we will be hosting an evening Ceilidh with Tickled Pink and an afternoon event for both Dancers and Musicians.

During the afternoon event, Musicians will rehearse a new tune set, with Tickled Pink, which they will perform with the band during the evening ceilidh. How often do you get the opportunity to perform with one of your favourite ceilidh bands?

Dancers will develop and perfect a new dance with Fee Lock, which will be danced to the new tunes.

So you get to meet the band, play with the band and write a dance for the band’s 25th Birthday bash. We are hoping we won’t have to limit numbers, and there are no advance tickets, but…..

Put this in your festival diary now and if you have (or know anyone who has) photographs from 25 years ago please scan them and let us have copies.

check this out from 2012

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