Monday, 16 March 2015

Artists lists

Melrose Quartet

Here we go with the full artists listings.

When you get to the web site please do take advantage of some of the You-Tube links, some info about themselves and if you click on the small black arrow to the right you can also hear a sound file.

So here is the list
Not in any particular order and there are still more names to come!

Song & Music

Coppin/Silver, Jess & Richard Arrowsmith, Keith Donnelly, Mary Humphreys & Anahata

Mawkin, Melrose Quartet, Mick Ryan & Paul Downes, Nancy Kerr & James Fagan

Patterson Dipper, The Teacups, The Young Uns, Tom McConville, Andy Fawthrop, Baldrick's Plan, Barrie & Ingrid Temple, Barry Goodman, Brian Peters & Jeff Davis

Carolyn Robson, Cupola, Dave Field, Kitty Vernon & Derek Burgess, Marilla Homes, Mike Danver Scott, Moira Craig, Mrs Ackroyds Band, Ninebarrow, Rosie Upton, The Dovetail Trio

Tom Lewis, Tony & Pearl O'Neill, Ursula Holden-Gill, Vicki Swann & Jonny Dyer, Winter Wilson
Brian Peters and Jeff Davis


Melrose Ceilidh Band, Random, Simon Care Trio, Toothless Mary, Fee Lock

Jane Bird, Lisa Heywood, N.Y.F.T.E. (National Youth Folklore Troupe of England)

Phil Bassindale, Tautas Roks, The NYFTE Ceilidh Band, The Ship Band, Will Hall
The Ship Band

Social Dance

Andrew Swaine, English Contra Dance Band, Frances Richardson, Joe Hodgson,Keeping Thyme, Lisa Greenleaf (USA), Stick Shift, The Falconers, Anne Daye, Bristol Players, Dampiers Round, David & Kathryn Wright, Folkus Pocus, Frances Oates, John & Karen Sweeney, Les Barclay, Lynne Render, Maggie Daniel, Marj Hendy, Pendragon, Perfect Cure (Irish), Pete Hendy, Ros Batchelor, Weston Country Dance Band


Gary Bridgens, Keith Donnelly, Stiltskin Creative Arts & Theatre, Barbara Guthrie, Becky Syson, Let's Dance, MOSAIC, N.Y.F.T.E. (National Youth Folklore Troupe of England)

Ursula Holden-Gill, Wiltshire Hoop Dance

Big Top Concerts

"THE TALE OF ALE", "A comedy special" with Keith Donnelly and madcap friends (Details coming soon)

"A DAYS WORK" from Mick Ryan
The Cast of "A Days Work"

Displays & Morris

Berkshire Bedlam Morris, Chinewrde Morris Dancers, Harberton Navy, Isambard Gasket Rats, Rockhopper Morris, Sheffield Steel, The Arkwrights, N.Y.F.T.E. (National Youth Folklore Troupe of England), Windsor Morris

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