Friday, 15 May 2015

Meet the team: Bob Berry

We're a week away from the festival now and we thought in the last frantic rush towards the start of a fantastic weekend we thought you might enjoy meeting some of the team who put it all together.

Our very first profile is none other than festival organiser Bob Berry!

Name: Bob Berry

Where are you from?: Originally from a small Cotswold village called Kirtlington, Oxfordshire

What is your festival role?: Festival Organiser (some people say dis-organiser!)

What is your folk festival experience?: I have been involved in all aspects of festivals from a steward, performer, organiser, m/c and I've even cleaned the loos

What do you enjoy about Chippenham Folk Festival?: What I enjoy about Chippenham Folk Festival is the people that come to share it. Its all about the wonderful friendship shown by people who would drop everything and help even though we only meet for a few hours every year.

Is there any other folk trivia you'd like to share with the readers?: Both Gill (my wife) and I are in a folk band called Tinkers Bag. We have recorded 3 albums. I've been part of the restoration of tradition in my home village (Kirtlington Morris) and run an arts organisation in my spare time. Oh and I still work restoring traditional buildings - occasionally!

Finally can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?: I love heavy metal music and cycling - although not always at the same time.

We'll be posting more of these over the next few days so keep coming back to see whose next :)

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