Thursday, 21 May 2015

Meet the team: Sarah Foxley

I suppose its about time you met the person whose been blogging of late and responsible for Facebook and Twitter!

Name: Sarah Foxley

Where are you from?: Born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (no accent though!) but have lived quite a few places since. Currently in Chippenham.

What is your festival role?: I am the Social Media Manager. Its the first year this specific 'role' as a separate thing has existed and I only took it on in December! I'm basically responsible for Facebook and Twitter and as of a few weeks ago the blog too. I'm hoping to finally meet some of you I've been chatting to on Twitter an Facebook as I'm out and about at the festival so do stop me and have a chat :)

What is your folk festival experience?: I really am the new kid on the block! I stumbled on Chippenham Folk Festival by accident when taking my sister to Chippenham to see where I would be working when I got a new job about 6 years ago. I just happened to pick festival weekend! I've not been to any other festivals yet though so apart from watching a few Chippenham Folk Festivals, that's my entire experience!

What do you enjoy about Chippenham Folk Festival?: I love the atmosphere, the people, the fact the town comes alive. Its introduced me to so much like rapper dancing (I just love watching that!). I really enjoy being able to walk into most pubs over the weekend and there will be people just playing and enjoying the music.

Is there any other folk trivia you'd like to share with the readers?: I took up morris dancing about a year ago. In fact I'll be dancing busking spots with my team, Malmesbury Morris, on Sunday - a break from running around with my phone this entire weekend! I did once get mistaken for a morris dancer some years ago when I used to do Civil War reenactments! As I was firing cannons (with real gunpowder) I couldn't quite figure out where that had come from - maybe it was the bright yellow hose I had to wear?!

Finally can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?: When I'm not working, travelling for work, morris dancing or studying I spend the rest of my time knitting. I particularly enjoy knitting socks and have recently designed several pairs of socks influenced by my background in archaeology! I will no doubt be wearing hand knitted socks this weekend :)

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