Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Updated artsts list

Here is the latest lists of artists appearing at the festival.
We think it's pretty impressive. What do you reckon?

To see all the details about artists booked please go to ARTISTS LIST

Song and Concert
Bob Fox,  Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar, Jez Lowe, Jeff Warner, Isla StClair, The Teacups,  Keith Donnelly,  Moirai,  Mrs Bruces Boys (Fraser & Ian Bruce), RPR (Ritchie, Parrish, Ritchie) Canada,  Andy Fawthrop, Barry Goodman, Buckingham-Phillips, Cox-Smith and Chant, Carolyn Robson, Crossing the Rockies,Dave Field, Flash Jack,  Flossie Malavialle, Hector Gilchrist, Hither side of the hedge, Kitty Vernon& Derek Burgess, LightGarden,  Louise Jordan, Marilla Homes, Mike Danver Scott,  Moira Craig, Nick Dow, Peter & Barbara Snape, Rosie Upton, Si Barron,  The Cleverley Brothers, The Pitmen Poets,  The Yirdbards,   Tony O'Neill, Ursula Holden-Gill,  Winter Wilson,
All Blacked Up, Ceilidh Band, Jigfoot, Threepenny Bit, Whapweasel, Fee Lock, Nick Walden, Out of Hand, Tautas Roks, Urban Folk Theory
Social Dance
 3D, BarrieBullimore, Brooke Friendly, Carol Hewson, Chris Turner, Colin Hume, Double Dichotomy, Fat Harry, Geoff Cubitt, Ivan Aitken, Kathy Anderson (USA), Pendragon, Pete Hendy, Robert Moir, Roguery (USA), The Night Before, The Perfect Cure Band (Irish), Val Knight, Vertical Expression, Victoria Yeomans,
Ursula Holden-Gill,  John Row, Becky Syson,
Children's Festival
Gary Bridgens, Keith Donnelly,  Let's Dance, N.Y.F.T.E. (National Youth Folklore Troupe of England),  Nick Magic,  The Wiltshire Scrap Store, Ursula Holden-Gill,   Barbara Guthrie, Hulala Hoopers!, MOSAIC
Big Top Concerts
SCOTLAND! with Hector Gilchrist, Isla StClair, Mrs Bruces Boys (Fraser & Ian Bruce), Scots Guards RegimentalAssociation (South) Pipes & Drums, Acushla Professional Dancers and HopscotchTHE PITMEN POETS with Jez Lowe, Bob Fox, Benny Graham andBilly Mitchell
Goathland Plough Stots, Marlings Morris, Moulton Morris, The Outside Capering Crew, 1st Class Stamp, Bell'sAngels, Chalford Stick Compan,y Chippenham Town Morris Men, Cry Havoc, Devizes Jubilee Morris, Ditchling Morris, Dorset Buttons Rapper, England'sGlory Ladies' Morris, Full Moon Morris,  Hips & Haws, Malmesbury Morris, N.Y.F.T.E. (National Youth Folklore Troupe of England), No Mean Feet,  Quayside Cloggies,  Regency Re-jigged,  Ridgeway Stepclog,  Spank the Planks, Tiger Fee
And that's not all - More to come

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