Wednesday, 22 June 2016


We are promoting this concert as a joint venture with Wiltshire Folk Arts.
Proceeds will be shared between the organisations.
The band is absolutely fab and you would be supporting two great organisations in Wiltshire too.
Tickets can be purchased on the door, reserved by phone or by Paypal (call first)

Please contact Bob on 07714 550990 or the Cause Music & Arts centre on 01249 658719
email is

We urge you to come to this event
It'll be a great night!.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Festival News June 2016

What a festival!
Firstly we would like to thank all those who participated in the festival, the atmosphere and the weather was just brilliant.
After a shaky set up with lots of additional extra items to put into place and some difficulties in a few areas in the actuation we think that we managed to pull off a pretty good festival.
The Big Top Concerts were a success with us being shown just where Folk is going into the future with the Newcastle Students from the Folk Degree Course and thank you to Newcastle University for supporting this event!
Scotland was, for many of you, an opportunity to link back to home with a fabulous array of music, song and dance from the Scottish Highlands. Isla St Clair, Mrs Bruce's Boys and all that dancing? What more could you want ... other than a plate of Haggis and a whiskey to top it off, (Next time perhaps)
Finally a great, great performance by the Pitmen Poets. Stirring stuff and some great images along with the music and poetry. Nice to see Benny Graham back on one of our stages! Other concerts and song session were also well attended especially the SongShops which were reported as "just brilliant".
The Social Dance attendees revelled in our new floor in St Andrews Church and this worked a real treat. Thanks to St Andrews Church for the opportunity and thanks to the flooring crew that made it happen. All other dances were packed.
The Ceilidh scene was as good as ever and some exhilarating dance were had each night of the weekend.
Although the turnout for teams on the Monday were, as always, low the Morris excelled themselves with dancing going on just about everywhere in the town.
All the other elements of the weekend were good too including the Children's area with record numbers. Not forgetting the sessions and ad hoc happenings around the town. All in all a great festival.
It was great to see the new Mayor of Chippenham, Terry Gibson, getting so involved in so many events at the festival. His attempt at the Children's maze was quite hilarious. Good on ya sir!
Sadly, however, the enjoyment and revelry was brought to a sad halt as one of the popular members of the team, Neil Roberts, suffered a fatal heart attack whilst driving on his way home and sadly passed away at the scene of the accident. His wife Tracey and friend Mark were in the vehicle at the time. They survived the crash but are devastated at the loss of such a good man. More info can be found about this and funeral arrangements via the web site, blog and social media. We will miss him. 
RIP Neil 
Neil is on the far left on this pic from a few years ago

Finally thanks must go to the management team and all their workers and regular staff. Their contribution to the festival is immeasurable and is quite humbling. Thanks to you all.
Please go to the Festival website regularly for updates on the next festival and lots of pictures and videos from this one.
Thanks again for your company and let's do it all again next May
Cheers for Now
The Festival Team