Thursday, 18 May 2017

Big Top entry explained

There have recently been some queries as to why we have a two ticket structure to these popular events so here is a brief explanation.  

The song and concert venues at Chippenham have always been small in number of seats and until we brought the Big Top in line, for this type of event, the venues were no bigger than 150 people.

So with a tent set up as a concert for more than 500 we felt that it would need to have a bigger act in to fill it. 

This is what we have done the last 4 years and in order to do that we need to find extra funds to cover the cost. 

The simplest way, was to offer up to 200 tickets at £12 and leave all the rest of the seats for the season ticket holders. 

This brings in, or at least we hope, enough additional monies to help pay for the acts and provide a venue twice the size as any other at the festival. So if you see another queue , don’t worry there is a good chance you will get in anyway but unlike them you can still go on to the rest of the evening as well.

Order you Big Top Concert Tickets here.

Other festival ticket options available, including Full Weekend, Day & Evening Tickets.

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