Festival Street Fair 2017

Welcome to the Folk Festival Street Fair

Street Market There has been a street fair in Chippenham high Street for 27 years, bringing a range of exciting items including Arts, crafts, goods, jewellery, clothing, organic food and items of interest from as near as Chippenham and as far as Tibet!
Street MarketOver the years the fair has become the most popular event at the end of May especially as it is connected with the celebrated Chippenham Folk Festival.
Now it has got even better.
For most of the years it has been running it was under the organisation of the Rotary Club of Wiltshire Vale. The club now feel that they are no longer able to run the event so it falls back in the lap of the Folk Festival organising committee.
"It is with some trepidation that we take the street Fair back on as we have enough to do running the festival" joked Bob Berry, Festival Organiser. "... however we want to ensue that it continues as both the public, and traders alike, look forward to the day".
Taking back on the fair has given the festival organisers the opportunity to re-evaluate what it wants as a street fair and as Bob comments "this is a chance to look at what the fair represents and how it connects with the Festival... We need to look at whether the street fair is still relevant and as unique as we had intended when it was started. There are already Street Markets in the High street on the Friday and Saturday so it is important that our street fair is different".
The street fair is looking to show a preference to traders that are initially local, have reduced road miles, are artisan and craftsman based, organic and ethically produced.
There has been a proliferation of street food over the last few years at the fair which has not best pleased local outlets and in an effort to work with the community, something the festival has always championed, the street fair will not have any fast food or takeaway outlets this year but instead concentrate on a more eclectic range of goods. It is hoped that we will expand into maybe a farmers market to bring some truly local produce to the festival. There also will be a move to use the Market Place more with street entertainment and music leaving more of the high street for the usual mix of dancing and in particular, the grand parade that goes along the length of the town centre at 2pm.
streetfair@chippfolk.co.uk or obtained via email - streetfair@chippfolk.co.uk or calling us at the festival office. Leave a message on our answer phone on 01249 657190 and we'll call you back.

Street Procession

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